Present Journey Art and Designs by: Rachel Hannah

In this present moment we begin a journey of minds where words are no longer necessary. 


Thank You For Stopping By:


Your surroundings affect your energy and mood. Your apparel displays your style. 

Every little thing you carry with you has the potential to influence, inspire, cheer, calm or humor you, and the people around you. 

It is an honor to have you connect with me through my art and my intention is that it will bring you joy.

About Me

My Background

Once a restless and weary soul in search of something to fill the emptiness within. 

Over time I found art and design tamed my restless soul and meditation replaced the emptiness with peace.

My Medium

Now more than ever I find a deep sense of fulfillment in pursuing digital art for interior design, home decor, and fashion apparel, but I still enjoy painting, photography, and a light sprinkling of prose every now and then.

My Inspiration

Nature, music, crowds, solitude, tears, laughter, anger, joy, 

sadness, happiness, friends, family, and animals, but mostly a deep desire for Universal peace and love.